About Negotiators Ltd


Negotiators Limited was formed in 2007. We believe that the voice of the child is paramount and that every child has the right to be protected and to participate in decisions pertaining to their life, and to expect the adults involved in their care, ensure that appropriate provisions are put in place to meet their welfare needs.

In practice, Negotiators adopt the basic principle of the law pertaining to Children and Families, with a clear distinction between Private and Public Law. In other words, understand the importance of best outcomes for children, in accordance with the provision of the Children Act 1989, Children Act 2004 and Children, Families Act 20014 and an entire satisfactory method of fulfilling the state’s duties under article 6 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights Act 1998.

Whilst the ethical principle of confidentiality requires that information shared by the client is not shared with others, there are important exceptions to confidentiality, namely where it conflicts with the duty to warn or duty to protect. This includes instances of child abuse, elder abuse and dependent adult abuse.

We fully understand that individuals, families and organisations have to work within financial and other limitations, as such we offer a competitive pricing structure, maximising appropriate input and minimising turnaround times.