Private Law

We can offer an understanding of the legal framework and can provide advice and guidance regarding the process of private law proceedings. Coaching and help you prepare for your day in court. The court prefers you to have the same person at each hearing, and for them to be familiar with the history and facts of your case. This is not an exact science, but a good advisor can greatly assist a nervous or emotional client to cope in intimidating circumstances.

In England and Wales there are no UK or European laws or rules stating that only Solicitors and Barristers are permitted to provide legal services to the general public, or that the general public must only use a Solicitor or Barrister for legal advice or at Court. Hence the growth of organisation such as Citizens Advice Bureau and other agencies.

Inside the court room our consultants do not have the automatic right to speak to a judge or opposing solicitor/barrister directly, but may respond to direct questions from a judge. Their main role is to quietly take notes and prompt their clients on what questions to ask and answers to provide, if they need this assistance. However, some consultants are sometimes allowed to speak for their clients.

We have contacts with a range of professionals who could undertake assessments and provide therapeutic input if needed, including psychologists, social workers, and child therapists.